Elite Studio was established in 2000 by me (Andrew Merefield) and my wife Margaret. My love of photography started in high school and grew while attending Uni.  Having decided that I would like to pursue a career in photography I went on to study Photography at the Queensland College of Art. On completion of my course I started work in one of the top professional labs in Brisbane. 

While working in the lab I continued my photography, improving my technique and gaining experience in a wide range of situations. The lab work also gave me the opportunity to view the works of a large number of top photographers from a range of different photographic fields. It was from printing these works to exhibition standard that I gained an in depth knowledge of what is required to adjust and manipulate a photo to get the best result.

The name Elite Studio came from a photographic studio run by my great great grandfather in Hobart during the 1880’s, in choosing a name for our business it seemed an obvious decision. The name also encompassed the qualities that we envisioned for our business – quality product and exclusive service.

At Elite Studio, we are dedicated to providing you with photography that is tailored to your needs. To achieve this requires a commitment that goes beyond just taking photographs, it requires a level of customer service that makes you a partner in the creative process.

Whether it is your wedding day, your pregnancy, your new born child or family portraits, we want to create the memories that your family will treasure for generations to come.

As a small, exclusive studio, we can spend time talking with you to find out what you like and dislike, how you would like your photographs presented and plan the photography to fulfil your requirements. You can rest assured that from the beginning you will be dealing with the people who will be photographing you.

With over twenty years of experience in the photographic industry, you know that you are dealing with professionals who pride themselves on providing personal service, quality work and attention to detail.


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